Shipping Option Logos


Logos can be specified by setting the logoUrl property of a shipping option or in case of a location selection, the property of a location. If no logoUrl is provided, the shipping option will be shown without any logo. The Porterbuddy shipping option is always displayed with the Porterbuddy logo, no logoUrl needs to be specified for that.

Logo images

Logo images can have a maximum size of 80 by 25 pixels, larger logos will be scaled down to fit those dimensions. Scaling is performed maintaining the aspect ratio. Logos should have a transparent background. A logo will be aligned top-right within the surrounding container.

Logos served by the widget host

Logos for common shipping providers in the required dimensions are provided on the path "". Currently, the following logos are provided:

Image Logo URL
Logo bring.png
Logo helthjem.png
Logo porterbuddy.png
Logo posten.png
Logo postnord.png
Logo svosj.png